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January 22, 2013

Book Review: Lumberjack In Love by Penny Watson

Series: Lumberjack in Love #1
Author: Penny Watson
Published: September 2012
City slicker Ami Jordan was just dumped by her back-stabbing boyfriend, has no job prospects, and can't find a decent cup of coffee in the entire state of Vermont. The last thing she needs is a sexy, bearded lumberjack complicating her life. Even if he’s smart, talented, and has the hottest ass she’s ever seen.

Tree house builder, environmental champion, and Bulldog owner Marcus Anderson has no patience for flatlanders with an attitude. But when landscape designer Ami Jordan shows up at his log cabin, he suddenly develops a hankering for a high-maintenance city gal. Now his house looks like a jungle, his recycling is in disarray, and his libido's on fire.

He's a lumberjack in love.
I love Penny Watson. I read her Klaus Brothers series and it became one of my favorites so naturally I wanted to read Lumberjack in Love. It didn't disappoint me!

Ami is a city girl with attitude!! She's visiting her sister in Vermont and the last thing she was expecting was to complicate her life with a sexy bearded lumberjack! She wears sexy boots, tight jeans and likes good coffee,  so she doesn't really understand how her sister could live here...

Marcus is hot! I never thought bearded man could be sexy until I read this book hehe. Of course he's also smart and doesn't like flatlanders like Ami, but he can't resist her either. He was very sure of himself but had such a tender heart for Ami. This made their relationship more interesting, because while Ami was struggling with decisions about her life, Marcus was waiting for her and getting hurt. But leaving aside that, they were on fire together! Just like the kind of relationships I like :P

Overall, I absolutely love this book! It was funny and hot, and Ami and Marcus are the perfect couple. If you're looking for a sassy romance, you should read this!

More about this book at pennywatsonbooks.comGoodreads, Amazon.

PD: The green cover was the original cover. I think it's a better match for the story, but the new cover is too cute to not like it!  :)


  1. Ami's attitude and Marcus hotness sound like they make for a great read.
    I love that cover as well.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. Sounds like a good one! I think the green cover fits the characters more, esp. Marcus, but I actually prefer the new one. It would stick out to me more. :)