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August 17, 2010

Review: Hero by Perry Moore

Title: Hero
Author: Perry Moore
Release Date: September 1st 2007
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Pages: 43
ISBN: 1423101952 (isbn13: 9781423101956)
Age: Young Adult
The last thing in the world Thom Creed wants is to add to his father's pain, so he keeps secrets. Like that he has special powers. And that he's been asked to join the League - the very organization of superheroes that spurned his dad. But the most painful secret of all is one Thom can barely face himself: he's gay.
But becoming a member of the League opens up a new world to Thom. There, he connects with a misfit group of aspiring heroes, including Scarlett, who can control fire but not her anger; Typhoid Larry, who can make anyone sick with his touch; and Ruth, a wise old broad who can see the future. Like Thom, these heroes have things to hide; but they will have to learn to trust one another when they uncover a deadly conspiracy within the League.
To survive, Thom will face challenges he never imagined. To find happiness, he'll have to come to terms with his father's past and discover the kind of hero he really wants to be.
Wow. I really liked this book. It's one of the few GLBT book I have read, and I thought it was so different to what I usually read.

Thom is a very insecure teenage boy who is dealing with his sexuality. He is gay, but nobody must know. He can barely accept it himself. This part is like the usual GLBT book. The difficulties of being gay, accepting who you are, and other people accepting you. There was enough drama on this fact, because even at this time there is still people who can't accept differences between us.

The most awesome part, for me, was the Superheroes. In this world it's normal to find superheroes at the streets. Not every superhero has powers, and some of them aren't even from this world. You'll find some similarities with the classic superheroes, but I thought is was funny because they are like normal people doing a job.

Also, this book is deeper than I thought. Thom has to deal with his father, a past-superhero, and a very difficult man. He isn't the best father, but it was interesting how my feelings for him changed while I was reading the book.

I liked the writing. It was light, fun and easy to understand. It was like reading a real teenage boy. The action sequences were excellent, not boring and fast-paced. And the ending, well, it surprised me a lot! I had some ideas about the romance, but the bad guy, not at all.

Maybe the only thing I didn't like was that there was way too many things going on at the same time. Thom just had to deal with lots, like being gay, his superpowers, his father, his missing mother....I don't know how to explain, but it made the book interesting but at the same time it was too much. The good thing is that the author manages to keep it light.

Gay boys, Superheroes, Secrets, Friendship and Romance...if you're looking for something unique and fun, you should read this one!


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