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January 20, 2011

Review: Penitence (Heavenly #2) by Jennifer Laurens

Title: Penitence
Author: Laurens, Jennifer.
Release Date: April 29th 2010
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing
Pages: 322
Age: Young Adult
Book Two. Seeing good and evil spirits is a gift Zoe guards with her life. Despite her guardian angel's disappearance, Zoe forces herself to accept that she still has a purpose-but how does she carry the weight of her brother's drug abuse, the hardship of living with an autistic sister, and a best friend who's obsessed with a guy who only wants Zoe? She's never felt more alone. When a mysterious spirit appears, Zoe thinks she has a new guardian angel. Instead, her brother's addiction worsens, her parents are on the brink of separation, and her best friend tries to kill her. The spirit she thinks is her new guardian isn't there to protect her: he's out to destroy her family and seize Zoe's soul. . . for Hell. Will Matthias' return mean that he is Zoe's guardian angel again? Or is their love the reason the jaws of Hell now gape open?

After reading Heavenly, the first book of this series, I was very excited to read Penitence.

I just began reading it and things I wasn't excepting were happening. Zoe is taken from Matthias's arms to start over again, with lots of suffering. But pain isn't the worse part, Matthias is gone.

Personally, this part of the story was very important to me. I started reading it after being in an accident (not exactly as Zoe's) and I thought the author did a great job writing about it. The feelings, the pain, the people around you.

It was awful to read Zoe missing Matthias. In these moments she needed him the most, and he wasn't there. And then she understands Matthias isn't going to be her guardian angel anymore. But I was glad that even when being so sad, she understood that she still had to live, and they will see again when it is time.

But Zoe's problems doesn't end here. Albert is visiting her. He seems good, but he's causing pain to her family and Matthias comes back to protect her.

 was loving the book. Zoe was a much better person than in Heavenly, although she was always sad. But then Weston came.

If you read the first book, you know Weston is the bad guy. He wants Zoe to forgive him, but I don't understand how she starts spending more and more time with him until suddenly, there is a love triangle!

I'm not a fan of love triangles, and I really don't like them when there is someone as Weston, that I really hate. He tried to hurt her in the first book, and now being with him is making worse her relationship with her "best friend".

I was really mad about this, because Zoe has grown up and matured, and I don't understand why she is attracted to him. I understand she missed Matthias, but she kept saying she was so in love with him but then desired another one?

Anyway, I'm curious about what is going to happen in the next book, Absolution. I want to know more about her brother and parents, and I really hope Matthias and Zoe can find a way yo be together.

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  1. I haven't read the first book or heard lots about it, but giving it only three stars I think I will pass this one. :) Great review.

  2. I also haven't read any of her books yet, but they sound rather interesting. Loved your honest thoughts about it and will keep it in mind should I decide to get hold of these books.