July 13, 2015

Comics Review: Ms. Marvel (#1 - #16)

Ms. Marvel

I've heard so much about Ms. Marvel, all good things, and since I have been looking for a comic to read for a while this one sounded perfect. I started reading it with high expectations and at first I was a little bit disappointed...but then it got better.

Maybe it was because it has been a while since I read my last super heroes comics, but it seemed like Ms. Marvel wasn't too depth. It's about Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American girl who feels like she doesn't belong. Her parents aren't very flexible and when they don't let her go to a party with boys and alcohol, she sneaks out and discovers she has powers. I don't think the 'essence' is too original, don't get me wrong, Kamala isn't a generic character and I'm very glad to read about other cultures, but ignoring that, she is just another girl with the same problems, taking illogical and irresponsible decisions (why?), that I keep finding in every YA reading. I don't remember being like that at that age but I don't know, I probably was and my mom was rolling her eyes like I do now hehe.

Ms. Marvel

I decided to continue reading and I'm glad because I did get caught with Kamala's story. It's easy to read, it has some depth moments, but it's mostly light reading and in a couple of minutes I was done. It was interesting to read about a character with a different religion, but also struggling with it. Kamala is very realistic, and I like her fun personality. There are a couple of characters from other comics that are showed in a different light, and were a nice plus. Except for Loki, who I really feel it wasn't the Loki I pictured in my mind...

Overall, it took me a while to find myself caught in this new story but it's getting better so I'm looking forward to keep reading it! Also, I really like her looks and costume...way more realistic!

July 4, 2015

Book Review: The Homecoming by Robyn Carr

The Homecoming by Robyn Carr

The Homecoming (Thunder Point #6) by Robyn Carr
In a small town, reputation is everything. In her latest novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr explores the burden placed on a young man returning home to face his mistakes—the first step in claiming the life he was meant to live ...

At the age of nineteen, Seth Sileski had everything. A superb athlete and scholar, handsome and popular, he was the pride of Thunder Point. Destined for greatness, he lost it all in a terrible accident that put an end to his professional football career when it had barely begun. The people in his hometown have never forgotten what might have been.

Seth has come to terms with the turns his life has taken. But now he's been presented with an opportunity to return home and show his father—and the people of Thunder Point—he's become a better, humbler version of his former self.

Winning over his father isn't the only challenge. Seth must also find a way to convince his childhood neighbor and best friend, Iris McKinley, to forgive him for breaking her heart. With his homecoming, will Seth be able to convince the town, his family and especially Iris that he's finally ready to be the man who will make them all proud?
The Homecoming was more enjoyable that the previous book of this series, The Promise. I love these kind of stories about couples being friends and in love for a long time before getting together. Iris and Seth make a great couple, and their love story was pretty easy and quick. I do feel like some issues, like Seth's father, were left unsolved...it wasn't really explained why he was so grumpy. I think he was very misunderstood. But maybe on another book the author will explain more...

Overall, The Homecoming was a quick enjoyable romance with the perfect happy ending. Seth and Iris aren't my favorite couple of this series but they were cute and ready to be together forever and they left me feeling happy for them.

June 30, 2015

Book Review: The Promise by Robyn Carr

The Promise by Robyn Carr

The Promise (Thunder Point #5) by Robyn Carr
Scott Grant has a bustling family practice in the small Oregon community of Thunder Point. The town and its people have embraced the widowed doctor and father of two, his children are thriving, and Scott knows it's time to move on from his loss. But as the town's only doctor, the dating scene is awkward. That is, until a stunning physician's assistant applies for a job at his clinic.

Peyton Lacoumette considers herself entirely out of the dating scene. She's already been burned by a man with kids, and she's come to Thunder Point determined not to repeat past mistakes. When Scott offers her a job, at a much lower salary than she's used to, Peyton is surprisingly eager to accept…at least for now. She's willing to stay for a three-month trial period while she explores other options.

Scott and Peyton know the arrangement is temporary—it isn't enough time to build a real relationship, never mind anything with lasting commitment. But love can blossom faster than you think when the timing is right, and this short visit just might hold the promise of forever.
After reading The Chance and loving it so much, I was really excited to continue this series and read The Promise. It was a different kind of romance, and sadly I didn't liked it as much as the previous book. I didn't feel that chemistry between the characters and nothing made me feel connected to them.

Peyton arrives at Thunder Point looking for a job only for a few months in a peaceful town where she can set her thoughts after breaking up with her last boyfriend. Her boyfriend was her boss, an excellent doctor but a bad partner and father. So when she gets a job with Scott, the attractive town doctor and father of two little children, she is very protective with her heart and wants nothing that only a professional relationship with him.

Scott is a widowed doctor, excellent at his job, amazing parent and good person. Both Scott and Peyton are ok, but I couldn't see them together. Also, Scott was too quick to fall in love and Peyton was really slow, protecting her heart but at the same time not letting go of her ex and her previous life. I didn't really agree with most of her decisions, I'd have done some things very differently, it just seemed like she didn't want to move on. She kept going back and it bothered me. Maybe that's why I felt like the story was slower that the others and I had to make myself finish it.

It was enjoyable, but not my favorite romance. I hope I really like the next book, The Homecoming.

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