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June 17, 2011

Book Review: Broken Wings by Sandra Edwards

Title: Broken Wings
Author: Sandra Edwards
Series: Soul Searchers #1
Release Date: September 15th, 2010
Age: Adult
Rio Laraquette thought the legend was nothing more than an enchanted tale about star-crossed lovers who left behind a fortune. That is, until she figures out that she—in a past life—was the culprit who stole a shipment of gold and silver and buried it somewhere in the hills of northern Nevada. 
While searching for the treasure, Rio's heart begins to ache for a man who's been dead more than one hundred years. They say time heals all wounds, but what if it doesn't...?
Rio is a lonely woman who is called by Turner to found a map that would lead him to a fortune. She has to contact the people who may have them and give them a little lie...and maybe they will believe her. But what happens when Rio found out that she looks exactly as some of them? Or when she starts having visions of another person's life?
Rio is a young woman who is looking for a map that would lead her boss to a treasure. In order to do her job, she has to pose as a relative of a native american family, the real owners of the treasure and the ones who have the other half of the map. But when she discovers she's exactly as Maggie, one of their ancestors, she starts to doubt.

Rio is very strong yet also fragile. Her life haven't been easy and now she's staring to have visions/dreams about Tajan and Maggie, the tragic love story that is mixed with the treasure. She starts to fall in love with Tajan, but he's dead and those visions aren't real, right?

Maggie and Tajan story is very romantic and dramatic. I don't want to giveaway spoilers, but even when Rio's story is complicated and at some time I thought it wasn't going to end well, the author manages to found the best ending.

The characters are well written and the plot is interesting, but personally, it was difficult to me to be engaged in the story. Maybe it was because I prefer fast paced book.

Overall, I did't love it but it was still interesting. Maybe you will like it more that me, it has a good plot and interesting characters, and a beautiful love story.

More about this book at www.sandrawrites.comGoodreads, Amazon.


  1. Thanks for sharing today. I really like the premise, but have a hard time with slow paced stories, unless I am in the mood to go slow - I will keep this one in the idea pile.

  2. Ok the plot and good characters sound good..but something is just not making me want to run out and buy ut