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July 15, 2011


At this moment I'm at the movie theater, waiting for Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (3D) to start. I want to feel happy, but I have so many feelings inside me. So instead of writing a loooong post about how Harry Potter changed my life (because it did), I'm going to post a couple of images that describe my feelings..

I just can't believe it's actually ending....Harry Potter will be always in my heart ;(

Fun facts about me and Harry Potter:
  • I started to read in English thanks to Harry Potter.
  • I favorite hobby is reading, thanks to Harry Potter.
  • I stole the first book from my niece, hehe.
  • I always read Harry Potter books in one day.
  • My favorite is Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.
  • I have all of the HP books on my bookshelf, but they are from three different publishers :o
  • Harry Potter books are some of the few books I've re-read.
  • When I don't know what to read, I just open a page from a HP book and read.
  • I used to have my bedroom full of stuff from HP.
  • I want to visit the Harry Potter theme park at Island of Adventure. I will. And I'll buy a magic wand.


  1. You captured my feelings too! I'm going to miss Harry Potter so much! I think it's amazing that Harry Potter made so many kids readers. JK Rowling is pretty much awesome.

  2. anyone have any tissues, I haven't seen it yet but just knowing this is the end - I will miss Harry Potter my son was one of those readers(who doesn't love to read - loved these books) so I thank JK Rowling myself for that personally.

  3. You could have been writing about me:) Except I didn't steal my HP books, and they all are Bloombury editions, (hehe) And my bedroom is still full of HP stuff:)

    I can't wait for the Harry Potter encyclopedia that JKR has said she'll write some time soon.

  4. woooot for harry! i hope to visit the theme park someday too and have a butterbeer ;-D