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October 23, 2011

Wonderfully Wicked Read a Thon Wrap Up!

Hello everyone! This will be my last post from the Wonderfully Wicked Read a Thon.....

Last Update:
I totally failed on my goals. I was going to read 3 books but didn't even manage to finish 1! Probably at night I'm going to finish it, it's good, but I didn't have enough time to read...

But, I had a great time participating! I loved the challenges, and the people was so nice!

I decided to participate in a last challenge, called Zombie Apocalypse, from April @ My Shelf Confessions:
In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse you are forced to take shelter with family and/or friends for a period of no less than 5 years. You have time to pack some supplies and some extra things to keep yourself entertained. However, since there will be many people sharing the same space, space will be limited and you are told you are only allowed to bring up to 5 books.
I'll be honest. It's impossible to choose 5 books. I think I'd prefer becoming a Zombie! xD Nah, just kidding. I'd love to have my Kindle with me in that situation, but since I have to pick only 5 books...

1. Pride and Prejudice: Because I love Mr. Darcy.
2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: Because it's my favorite from the series.
3. The Chronicles of Narnia. The all in one edition: Because it's magical.
4. The Little Prince: Because I like to re read them all the time.
5. Jane Eyre: Because I love Jane.

What do you think?

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