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November 6, 2017

Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

You know I love superheroes, and Thor is definitely one of my favorites. I always thought his story was interesting and it had more potential than what we saw on the previous films.

I did like the previous two films of Thor, but Thor Ragnarok is my favorite. It has a different rhythm than the other movies, it was funnier, the soundtrack was amazing, but also we had more opportunities to get to know the real Thor. I liked his personality, it was the first time he talked so much and it gave us the possibility to also know more about this brother Loki and their complicated relationship, Hulk, and the new kick ass character, Valkyrie. Also, the new villain is Hela, a super powerful woman who really makes it more interesting and difficult for this new team to try to save Asgard.

The film had a few surprises for the marvel superheroes fans and the ending, as always, left us impatiently waiting for the next Marvel movie.


  1. I really loved this one too! You're right, it really lets you get to know Thor better - especially his relationship with Loki.


  2. Hello! We watched the film and liked it, but Thor isn't our favorite superhero so We gave 3 stars to film.

    Kisses ^^