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June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta! - Final Summary Post

Bloggiesta is done! *phew* I'm tired...but happy.

Number of hours spent on the challenge: 16 hours.

What I accomplished:

- Write reviews: HALF DONE! /I was going to write 4 reviews, but just manage to write 2: The Oracle of Dating by Allison van Diepen and My Invented Life by Lauren Bjorkman.

- Organizing my TBR pile: DONE! Now I have an order to read the books that have been waiting for me in my bookshelf...not just grab anything and read it!

- Write 5 "Waiting on Wednesday" posts: DONE!

- Create 10 template posts for my future reads: DONE!

- Create a Google Doc of cheat sheets: DONE!

Add a favicon, install plugins: DONE! It took me a lot of time, but I'm happy with the results...

After trying a lot of social bookmarks plugins, I found one I liked at Now you can find it at the end of every post :)

And my new fav icon:

- Add/Edit my about me and review policy page (Mini-Challenge: Your Review Policy): DONE! I edit my Review Policy page, and now its much better! Also I added an About page.

Grade my blog: DONE! Before Bloggiesta, I graded my blog at Website Grader and my result was 56/100. I wasn't happy at all. After Bloggiesta, my grade is 75! Yay! Definitely an improvement!
The Website Grade for!

I also graded my Twitter account at, and my result was: 87/100. Cool :)

- Updating my social network profiles: DONE!  I wasn't a lot of work really. Just took me some minutes.

- Clean up my feedreader: FAIL! My feedreader is a disaster. It was the first time I tried to clean it up, but I'm starting to believe its impossible. I spent 1 hour doing it and I don't think I did more than 5%!.


This was my first Bloggiesta and I loved to participate! It was an excellent way to improve my blog and met new bloggers! Thanks PEDRO!

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