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June 19, 2010

News: WAKE movie

Hi guys! I just read at Lisa McMann's blog:
Paramount and MTV Films have picked up the film rights to the WAKE trilogy, with Christopher Landon (Disturbia) writing/directing. Miley Cyrus is considering the lead role.
As you know, even with people and studios attached, it takes a lot for a movie to actually happen, so there are no guarantees it'll get made. But I'm crossing my fingers.
I am thrilled!
As soon as I have more information, I will let you know. Read all the details at the link above!
P.S. I have no control over casting or anything else -- I'm just here to let you know what's up. So please, don't be all about the hatin' all over my blog, my lovelies! Did I mention I am thrilled? I am! I think Miley is awesome. Anybody who can accomplish more by the age of 17 than I can do by the age of 42 is top notch in my book. I think every teen has tremendous potential to shine, don't you? xox
What do you think? Have you read the Wake trilogy? I read Wake and Fade, but still have to read Gone. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of Miley Cyrus, and you?

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