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June 19, 2010

Book Review: My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter

My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter
My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters
Author: Sydney Salter
Publisher: HM Harcourt/Graphia
Release Date: April 1st 2009
Age: Young Adult
It's the end of junior year, and summer is about to begin. The Summer of Passion, to be exact, when Jory Michaels plans to explore all the possibilities of the future - and, with any luck, score a boyfriend in the process. But Jory has a problem. A big problem. A curvy, honking, bumpy, problem in the form of her Super Schnozz, the one thing standing between Jory and happiness. And now, with the Summer of Passion stretched before her like an open road, she's determined for Super Schnozz to disappear.
Jory takes a job delivering wedding cakes to save up for a nose job at the end of the summer; she even keeps a book filled with magazine cutouts of perfect noses to show the doctor. But nothing is ever easy for accident-prone Jory - and before she knows it, her Summer of Passion falls apart faster than the delivery van she crashes.
In her hilarious and heartbreaking debut novel, Sydney Salter delivers a story about broadening your horizons, accepting yourself, and finding love right under your nose.
I like strong women as protagonists, so maybe that's why I didn't connected with Jory. She is very self-conscious and self-doubting, and her big nose is just one of the things she hates about herself. She is very clumsy and her family seems to ignore her because she can't make anything right.

Her nose problem seemed so insignificant to me, but Jory takes it very seriously. She thinks its because of her nose that she doesn't have a boyfriend, and she is saving money for her nose job. But why does she thinks like that? Nobody criticizes her nose, except her mother. She just seemed to be very superficial, and I didn't like it, because if there is something I hate in this world, its superficial - people.

Also, I didn't liked her friends, Hannah and Meghan. They do stupid stuff, also are superficial,  and choose boys over friendship. Really, I don't understand why Jory is still friends with them! I didn't like the way they threated her, and I kept waiting for her to find better friends. I couldn't stand Meghan, who thinks she is soo superior. She would have been better with more supportive friends.

Anyway, I know every teenager girl wants to have a boyfriend, but there where so many boys in this book! I didn't knew which one was going to stay: maybe super cute Tyler, or Tom, or Gideon. At least I liked Gideon, he was very cool with his band, but making jewelry and wanting to "wait" just didn't seem to me like real boy stuff.

Sadly, this book didn't grab me at the beginning. I had to read a few chapters before getting really interested on what was going on. It was in the middle that I didn't wanted to stop reading, and I must say, there are a few surprises in this book I wasn't expecting, but liked them.

The end was very sentimental. I thought it was a light reading, but in the end it became very intense. Body issues are very important, specially in teenagers, and if you have a supportive family and friends, its easier to accept yourself just as you are.

Overall, if you are looking for a summer romance story, you should read My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters.

I recieved this book through International Book Tours.

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