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October 20, 2010

Blog Tour ~ Angela Morrison | GUEST POST: My thoughts about teen love

Hi everyone!! Please welcome Angela Morrison, author of Sing Me to Sleep | Taken by Storm | Unbroken Connection | Cayman Summer, who was kind enough to give us a few words about teen love.
“My thoughts about teen love”
Teen love? I think when we talk about teen love it’s often about the popular girls getting it on with the popular guys and everybody else is kind of left out.
That feeling of being left out of love is painful. I remember it so well. It is during our teen years when we first feel that ache in our hearts only someone very special can fill.
I worry when I hear about girls who will do anything—risk their health, their safety, their very soul—to join the game only to find they’ve fallen for something false. Love that demands more of you than you want to give isn’t really love at all, is it? It’s counterfeit and far more painful than those initial pangs of loneliness.
If you abuse the physical side of love, it can numb you to the deeper spiritual essence that I believe is true love. We are all divine creatures and true love is a divine emotion. Don’t let anyone rob the ability to feel that from you. Protect your heart. Protect your soul. Be patient. Sometimes finding real love takes time. Wait for it. It’s worth it.
When I write about teens falling in love, I don’t write about the popular kids and the games they play. I write about the girls who are left out. They fall for guys who need them desperately. Their journey through these emotions—from fascination to adoration to true love—fascinates me.
There is nothing quite so romantic as a first kiss—and a second, and a third one! There is nothing as exciting, tempting or frightening as the first stirrings of desire you feel. As my characters face these situations in the context of their beliefs or lack of belief, I always try to be honest, frank and realistic.
I often hear from readers who are touched by that and see themselves in my characters. That’s exciting to me. That is why I write. Thanks so much for listening today.
All my love,

What do you think? Do you have a different opinion or the same? Did you find love being a teenager? Leave your thoughts and stories about teen love in the comments :)

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