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October 15, 2010

Halloween Read-A-Thon! Costume Mini-Challenge

Are you participating in the Halloween Read-A-Thon? No? Well, first you go to YA Books Reviewed to sign-up, and then come back here to enter this mini challenge :)

You're in? Good, keep reading!


Do you want to win the paranormal book of your choice ($10dollars - from TBD or Amazon)??

Are you sure?

Ok then...just leave a comment on this post or write a blog post (and then leave a comment with your link) showing me a picture of your Halloween costume for this year!. It can be a picture of yourself wearing your costume, or if you're not wearing one, show a picture of a costume you would have liked to wear.

Easy, right? :)

It's International as long as The Book Depository or Amazon ships to your location and you have until Oct 17th to enter. will choose the winner, but remember you have to be participating on the Halloween Read-A-Thon.


So...I'm not sure I'm going to wear a costume this year. My friends are going to a Halloween party, but I don't feel like going because my boyfriend isn't going! Anyway, if I decide to go, I'd like to wear something like this:

Greek Glowing Goddess:

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