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February 19, 2011

Book Review: Suite Dreams by Rachel Hawthorne

Suite Dreams by Rachel Hawthorne
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Release Date: January 1st, 2009
Publisher: HarperTeen
Age: Young Adult
Hello, mate!
(Practicing my Australian.* How am I doing?) 
I'm so glad the timing worked out for this couch exchange. I'll be crashing on yours by the time you get to mine.** If you run into any problems, just find Alyssa. She'll help you out with whatever you need.***
Your couch-swapping mate,
*That's cute. Go have fun in Australia and leave ME—your girlfriend for an entire semester—to waste away on campus, alone.
**Um, think again. Your couch is already taken. 
***Great. Now I've got to find a place for the (unbelievably hot, it turns out) Aussie to crash. But there's only one couch available: the one in my dorm room. . .
Alyssa met Rick at her first semester and they became a couple right away. Their relation ship was comfortable, but then he left her and went on vacation to Australia while she's going to spend her winter break alone.

Although Alyssa recognize she wasn't totally in love with Rick, she still feels bad. She wanted to be like her parents, who found each other at school.

While she's dealing with that, Jude, the sexy Australian guy, comes looking for her. He exchanged couches with Rick, but his couch is already taken, so he will have to stay with her.

From the beginning Jude is sweet and protective with her. He likes to be with her and do things together, and it's obvious he likes her. He's very funny and Alyssa feels good with him. Oh, and Jude is hot. Very hot.

Little by little they become closer, and even when they have everything against them, they can help but fall in love.

Suite Dreams is a very short and cute book. It's lovely and has an open happy ending. I recommend it for those days when you just want to read something light, happy and romantic.

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  1. Oh this sounds like such a sweet read. I love the cover for this book too :) Glad it comes so highly recommended Gaby :D