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May 27, 2011

Book Review: Cupid Cats by Katie MacAlister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Connie Brockway

Cupid Cats by Katie MacAlister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Connie Brockway
Authors: Katie MacAlister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Connie Brockway
Release Date: Jone 8th, 2010
Publisher: Signet
Age: Adult
From New York Times bestselling authors Katie Macalister, Vicki Lewis Thompson and National bestselling author Connie Brockway: Stories full of magic, love-and cats. This one-of-a-kind-all-original anthology features stories by three bestselling superstar authors starring the mysterious, mischievous, and magical matchmaking felines of the Cupid Cats Animal Shelter, who assist their owners in finding romance and true love.
I actually read Cupid Cats a long time ago, for Valentine's Day.

Cupid Cats is a collection of three stories from different writers. Every story has something in common, a magical cat from the Cupid Cats shelter.

Unleashed by Katie MacAlister is about a Morovian, a jaguar shape shifter, and a wildlife officer. If you like paranormal romance you will love this one, full of action and paranormal characters. Unleashed is a novella from her series Dark Ones.

A Cat's Game by Vicky Lewis Thompson is about a superstar and his ex-high school girlfriend, who found each other again. It's a cute and romantic story, and the magical kitty is always there trying to bring them together.

Cat Scratch Fever by Connie Brockway is the cutest story of all. A father goes to the shelter looking for a cat with his little daughter, and he found Edith, who works at his company and is a very shy woman. The magical cat, Ishy/Pixie, is the cat that his daughter wants, but she is very old and doesn't want to leave the shelter, giving the couple time to really meet each other.

All of the stories were well written and I enjoyed them. They were romantic and perfect to read them for Valentine's Day.

More about this book at Goodreads, Amazon, The Book Depository, Barnes & Noble.

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  1. I love short historiesss! i really like them! i want to read it, i hope i will :D