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May 31, 2011

Book Review: With This Ring, I Thee Bed by Alison Tyler

With This Ring, I Thee Bed by Alison Tyler
Edited: Alison Tyler
Release Date: April 19th, 2011
Publisher: Spice
Age: Adult
In this sizzling new treasury, erotica maestro Alison Tyler has assembled over two dozen titillating tales of couples taking each other to new heights of happily bedded bliss.
Imagination and experimentation are the watchwords as sexy spouses live out fantasies both intimate and elaborate: naughty new settings, new toys…even new partners. There are virgin brides, wicked wedding nights, impetuous swingers and some kinky couplings that give "tying the knot" a whole new meaning!
Seductively spun by such genre luminaries as Kate Pearce, Kristina Wright, Cheyenne Blue, Portia Da Costa, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Janine Ashbless—plus a teasing little tale from the editor herself—these stories prove that the honeymoon is just the beginning!

Isn't it a beautiful cover? So sweet and innocent, but if you are familiar with Alison Tyler, you know what's inside isn't.

If you are looking for erotic romance, this is your book. With This Ring, I Thee Bed is a collection of short hot stories by different authors, focused on weddings, with lots of naughty and provocative sex, and usually a happy ending. Some of the stories were too much for me, but I still enjoyed them.

I have only read Alison's Wonderland edited by Alison Tyler and really liked it, all of the stories being naughty fairy tales. I also liked With This Ring, I Thee Bed, I liked the idea of all the stories being related to a wedding. I'm sure I'll read another of her books when I need to read something naughty.


  1. By the look of this I would expect some cute chick-lit ;) How fun that it isn't

  2. l agree, this cover is very cute and innocent!

  3. I wasnt familiar with this book! raunchy book and this cute cover?! Would've never expected it!Short and sweet review :)