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July 28, 2011

Book Review: By His Majesty's Grace by Jennifer Blake

Author: Jennifer Blake
Series: The Three Graces
Release Date: July 26th, 2011
Publisher: Mira
Age: Adult
The Three Graces of Graydon are well–born sisters bearing an ominous curse: any man betrothed to them without love is doomed to die.
Much to her chagrin, Lady Isabel Milton has been given to Earl Rand Braesford—a reward from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne. The lusty nobleman quickly claims his husbandly rights, an experience Isabel scarcely hoped to enjoy so much. But youth and strength may not save Braesford from his bride's infamous curse…
Accused of a heinous crime with implications that reach all the way to King Henry himself, Braesford is imprisoned in the Tower, and Isabel is offered her salvation—but for a price. She has the power to seal his fate, have him sent to the executioner and be freed from her marriage bonds. Yet the more Isabel learns of Rand, the less convinced she is of his guilt, and she commits to discover the truth about the enigmatic husband she never expected to love.
Lady Isabel Milton and her sisters are cursed with the curse of the Three Graces of Graydon, which says that any man betrothed to them without love is doomed to die. It's the perfect curse for someone who doesn't want to marry, like Isabel. After seeing the brutal marriage of her mother, it's her wish to remain alone.

But it's impossible to refuse the King when he orders her to marry Sir Randall Braesford, as a gift to him for his services.

I really liked Isabel. Even when she's being controlled by her stepbrother and the King, she wants very much to be independent and free. She has a liberal mind and a strong attitude, but she knows when or where she can't win.

But my favorite was Rand. Sexy and very strong, he has a sweet heart and respect for women like no other character in this book. He's delicate with Isabel, and he only wants to be accepted by her.

It's my first book from this author, but I'm really glad I read it. Also it's my first medieval romance and I wasn't sure I was going to feel comfortable with it, but the author manages to make you feel like if you are at that time, with a little bit of historical background and details of the life at that age, without making it boring.

The romance between Rand and Isabel was sweet. Isabel doesn't want a husband but Rand actually wants to have Isabel as his wife. He can't wait to have their wedding night, but then it's interrupted because Rand is being charged with the murder of a child. It's really the curse, or maybe one of Rand's enemies?

The plot has the perfect balance between romance, adventure and action. Rand is being accused for something he didn't do, but why? Could it be the King, Rand's stepbrother or Isabel's stepbrother? While Isabel and Rand are trying to discover who is behind this plot, they start to share more time together and get to know each other. Their romance scenes where very hot and also romantic, Rand is sweet but also desires her very much, while Isabel is more sensual. She doesn't only finds pleasure with him, but affection and maybe love.

Overall, I loved By His Majesty's Grace. It's the first book of The Three Graces series, and I can't wait to read Lady Isabel sister's stories, Cate and Marguerite.


  1. I don't know about midevil romance but this does sound interesting. What a great name, Rand. Good review.

    Thx for visiting

  2. This looks so much like my kind of book! Historical but not just an account of the life of an important person :).