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September 13, 2011

Read Your Own Books Read-a-Thon

Since I started working, I have found it is very difficult to balance my time between work / enjoy with my family & boyfriend / read! But I know that when I'm participating on a read-a-thon, I really try to read. Maybe because I don't like failing. Anyway, here is another read-a-thon! This time it's the Read Your Own Books Read-A-Thon, hosted by The Bibliophilic Book Blog:'s time for another iteration of the Read Your OWN books read-a-thon. A lot of bloggers get wrapped up in reviewing and forget all about the lovely books they own or bought for themselves, it's time to show them some love. So...the particulars:
- Read Your OWN books
- Runs from 9pm on Thursday the 15th (EST)...some of my posts might be a bit off since I am 11 hours ahead of EST in KST. Sorry for that...anyway it will run until Sunday the 18th at 9pm (EST). This should give everyone some time to participate.
- GIVEAWAYS (DUH!?!) I personally am giving away a Nook original in a cover. I am also giving away multiple audiobooks and whatever else strikes my fancy. In order to enter the giveaway for the Nook you must will be finished when the read-a-thon is over. So...start planning. (International Welcome)
To enter this read-a-thon, you must go here.


  1. I need to do this one!!! I haven't read one of my own books in FOREVER!!!

  2. I so want to do this, but I need to get through all the review books first! I'm like Ashley... it's been forever before I have read one of my own! LOL

  3. Good luck with your read-a-thon goals, Gabi!