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November 28, 2011

Book Review: Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

Title: Bad Boys Do
Author: Victoria Dahl
Series: Donovan Brothers Brewery #2
Release Date: September 27th, 2011
Publisher: HQN Books
Age: Adult
Olivia Bishop is no fun. That's what her ex-husband said. And that's what her smart bob and glasses imply. So with her trademark determination, Olivia sets out to remake her life. She's going to spend time with her girlfriends and not throw it all away for some man. But when an outing with her book club leads her to a brewery taproom, the dark-haired beauty realizes that trouble—in the form of sexy Jamie Donovan—may be too tempting to avoid.
Jamie Donovan doesn't mean to be bad. Sure, the wild streak in his wicked green eyes has lured the ladies before. Now it's time to grow up. He's even ready for a serious romance. But how can that be when Olivia, the only right woman he has ever met, already has him pegged as wrong?
I already finished reading the Donovan Brothers Brewery series, but I think this book was my favorite.

Bad Boys Do is the story of Jamie, the ultimate bad boy who isn't really bad at all. He has made some stupid choices in his life, but he's trying to fix them. He's sexy and attract woman to his family brewery just with his smile, and that's how he met Olivia.

Olivia is divorced, has no friend and doesn't know how to have fun. It's has been a while since she went out with girls, so when they invite her to the Donovan Brewery for their book meeting, she actually read the book. Of course, she wan't expecting bad boy Jamie to serve their table.

I loved this book because Jamie and Olivia were both such strong characters. They both had issues but their attraction was instantly. Also, it wasn't just attraction. Their relationship turned to be very deep and realistic.

I really wanted to know more about Jamie, and why he seemed to be such a bad boy. Obviously he was sweet and really had very bad luck sometimes. Olivia was also a character that since the beginning I liked. She was very insecure but she's determinate to change that, to became a new woman who can have fun with herself.

I usually don't like couples were the woman is older than the man, but this one works. Jamie is mature and Olivia needs to be with someone who brings the best of herself.

Overall, Bad Boys Do is my favorite book from this contemporary romance series. It let me wanting more, so I really couldn't wait to read the next one, Real Men Will, which the review is coming soon!


  1. i like how you are very clear on your posts as to what you do and don't like about a book. i tend to review books i like - staying in my comfort zone.

  2. Thanks for the review. I've seen the book on the store shelves, but wasn't sure I wanted to buy it.