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December 22, 2011

Book Review: Dating Mr. December by Phillipa Ashley

Title: Dating Mr. December
Author: Phillipa Ashley
Release Date: August 5th 2010
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Age: Adult
When a nice girl asks twelve men to get naked, it’s sure to cause a scandal…
Emma Tremayne leaves her high-powered PR job and moves to the Lake District looking for peace, quiet—and celibacy. So perhaps it’s not the best idea when, in the spirit of “community-mindedness,” she agrees to help the local mountain rescue team fund raise by putting together a “tasteful” nude calendar. Especially since quite a lot of the community seems to mind what she’s up to—including the tall, dark and handsome Mr. December, Will Tennant, who appears to have gotten the wrong impression about Emma’s intentions. So how does she convince him that he’s more than just the flavor of the month?
I've been meaning to read Dating Mr. December since last Christmas, but it wasn't until now that I finally did it and I'm very glad.

Emma is a nice girl who discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, with her boss. It wasn't pretty, and Emma just wanted to run. So she moved to Lake District to find a new job and forget all.

She doesn't exactly fit at the town, and when she advises the mountain rescue team to make a nude calendar to raise funds, nobody is very sure about it, specially Will Tennant.

Emma is a easy to like woman. She's very realistic, and although she's absolutely devastated about finding her boyfriend with her boss, she's determined to get her life back on track. And if that means convincing Will Tennant to pose nude for her calendar, she's going to do it.

Of course, their attraction is very obvious but I liked that their romance was slow. Will has a strong personality and it isn't easy to convince him of anything, but it's obvious he likes her. Emma thought he was handsome since the beginning, but both of them have histories that made them difficult to open their hearts.

I really enjoyed Dating Mr. December. It was a quick read, maybe a little bit predictable, but still sweet and very realistic, which I loved/

Overall, Dating Mr. December was a fun and sweet read, that I recommend if you are looking for a fun chick lit read :)

More about this book at www.phillipa-ashley.comGoodreadsAmazonThe Book Depository.


  1. Oh, this sounds real interesting! I'll have to keep it in mind the next time I want a fun chick lit, that's for sure. Glad you liked it so much and finally got to read it! Great review.

  2. Thank you for the review, glad you had fun reading Mr December.

  3. Even though i never read adult books, this sounds interesting! Great review!

    Farah @MajiBookshelf

  4. I just saw the Lifetime movie version of this book and totally loved it! I had no idea "The 12 Men of Christmas" was based on a book until I read your review. I'm so buying this book!