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February 14, 2012

Book Review: A Midsummer Night's Sin by Kasey Michaels

A Midsummer Night's Sin by Kasey Michaels
Author: Kasey Michaels
Series: Blackthorn Brothers #2
Release Dates: November 22nd, 2011
Publisher: HQN Books
Age: Adult
Meet the Blackthorn Brothers—three unrepentant scoundrels infamous for being mad, bad and perilous to love.

Handsome as the devil and twice as tempting, Robin “Puck” Blackthorn lives for the pleasures of the moment. His only rule—never dally with an innocent woman. But when an encounter at a masquerade ball leaves him coveting the one woman who refuses to succumb to his charms, Puck realizes that some rules were made to be broken…

Scandalized to discover that the masked man with whom she’d shared a dance—and a forbidden embrace—is in fact the ton’s most celebrated rake, Regina Hackett vows to keep her distance. Yet when her dear friend vanishes, it is to Puck that Regina must turn. And as they embark on a dangerous journey through London’s darkest alleys, Regina will discover that beneath Puck’s roguish facade lies a man who will stop at
nothing to protect her—or to convince her to take a chance on an unrepentant sinner.
I read the first book from the Blackthorn Brothers series, The Taming of the Rake, and loved it! So I had to continue reading this series, and I'm not disappointed :P

Robin Puck Blackthorn is the sexy brother. Gorgeous, fun and just relaxed, he wants to be accepted in the London society as he was accepted in France. Of course, he's going to need a little help. But what he doesn't need is to fall in love with beautiful and young Regina.

Regina is young and doesn't feel very beautiful. Her own cousin tell her she looks like she's ready. She knows her father is going to sell her to someone with a title, but she wish to enjoy at least one night without anyone knowing it's her. So when her cousin invites her to a masked dance, she's in. But she wasn't her cousin to be abducting and Puck, a gorgeous man, to help her find her.

I really liked this romance. Puck and Regina where made for each other, and they knew it without any doubt. Regina was very mature and Puck, much older than her, was a little bit childish but fun. The only obstacle was Regina's father, who was a very bad man. I was kind of scared of him, I don't know how Regina and her mother could live with him.

I think it was a little bit obvious who was guilty from Regina's cousin abduction. But still, I wasn't sure the author was going to involve family in this mess. Still, it was interesting and I loved the new characters.

Overall, I loved A Midsummer Night's Sin, and I can't wait to read the next book, Much Ado About Rogues. Puck's older brother, Jack, seems to be so dark!


  1. I love romances like this. I especially love when the couple seems especially perfect for each other. Fab review!

  2. Okay, I read the latest book of the series, and I didn't like it very much. BUT, I really loved Puck. I'm tempted to read this one, but I'm afraid that the author's writing style just might not be my cup of tea. I still might take a chance on it, but maybe not for a while...

    1. Ohh well I still haven't read the last book but you're the second person to tell me they didn't like that book :s