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April 1, 2012

Bloggiesta: Finish Line!

Hola comadres! (I think all of us are women xD). Bloggiesta is over and I'm extremely happy :) I want to thank Suey @ It's All About Books and Danielle @ There's a Book for hosting and organizing this big event, and to everyone else who was involved. The challenges were excellent, I learned A LOT of tips, etc; and had a great time meeting new people and blogs.

So, my to do list was long but not really complicated, but I'm extremely happy to say, for the first time, that I did everything! Every single goal :D I'm surprised, I don't think I could do it, but apparently insomnia has some advantages hehe.

My Bloggiesta To Do List:
  1. Write 5 future WoW posts. ✓
  2. Write 5 future Reviews posts. ✓
  3. Write 5 future IMM draft posts. ✓
  4. Check links on my blog. ✓
  5. Update my profile. ✓
  6. Update my review policy. ✓
  7. Update my giveaway page. ✓
  8. Write Update my giveaway policy. ✓
  9. Clean my to-be-read books on goodreads. ✓
  10. Update my Read 2012 page. ✓
  11. Clean my Google Reader. ✓
I recommend you to read the challenges posts, even if you didn't manage to do them this weekend. They are great, full of information and tips, and easy to understand!

It's difficult to pick a favorite challenge, but I can say that I learned the best new thing reading the Pinterest to Promote your blog challenge and Get noticed by Search Engines :) The most difficult challenge was, for me, the How to Build Readers for your blog through commenting challenge, simply because sometimes I just don't know what to write on comments or if my comment is really important to a blog.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next Bloggiesta :P I already have a list of few things I want to do for my blog, but for now I need rest.

Ohh, I almost forgot! A lot of people asked me about the check marks. I think they are very cute and really easy because they are just text. To be honest, I just googled 'check mark text' :P. But now that you are asking me, here are some html codes:

&# 9745; (erase the space) = ☑
&# 10003; (erase the space) = ✓


  1. Congrats on completing all of your goals! *throws confetti*

    I think the Pinterest challenge was pretty helpful too, and am working on adding social media icons to my sidebar.

    Thanks so much for the checkmark tip! I was wondering how everyone got those! :)

    1. Thanks Alexia :D Good luck with your social media icons!

  2. Yay - I'm so happy I saw this post because now I know how to do those awesome checkmarks. You certainly accomplished a lot - which is fantastic! I think my favorite challenge was the commenting challenge - I think comments matter a lot to bloggers (I know it does to me), and it doesn't even matter if it's a simple "awesome post - thanks for sharing."

    1. Thank you Tanya! :D The check marks are winners, everybody likes them hehe

  3. SO AWESOME you got your WHOLE list done!!! Congrats chick!!!

  4. That's so wonderful that you completed all of the tasks on your 'To Do' list! I didn't get through all of mine, but I am happy with what I did over the weekend. Plus, it was fun to hang out and get tips from others as they improved their blogs. Good times all around.

    1. Thank you Cecelia! I also had fun meeting new blogs and just working with other people, it feels great to share with other bloggers :P

  5. Congratulations Gaby!! Sadly I was unable to participate this time and I really am disappointed that I missed out on my blog spring cleaning. Hope the next one will be soon, and until then I'll do the challenges by myself. Congrats again! :-D

    1. Thanks Stella! :D I think the next bloggiesta is going to be September, maybe you can participate in that one.

  6. Yay!!! You got all your to do list done!! I learned something new on here, how to make check marks. Thank You :-)

  7. Everyone should read the mini-challenges even if they weren't able to participate! I know I'm gonna go back to the old challenges at a later date :) Great job this weekend!

  8. Wow, Gaby, you got done a lot! Really great! All your things done and a number of challenges to boot. Congrats!
    Btw, I also love those check marks. I'll keep the code in mind.

  9. The little checkmarks ARE cute! It's amazing what you can find with google--almost everything I searched for this weekend I was able to find code for.

    You did great during Bloggiesta! Kudos on accomplishing so much--jealous of the five drafted reviews.

  10. Oh wow holy crap that's a lot of things! I thought I was productive but man you did a great job! I need to go through some of the challenges like the Search engine one!

    My Bloggiesta Weekend

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  11. I'm so glad that you included how to do the checkmarks in your post - as I was reading and seeing the checkmarks, I was going to ask how you did them. I just crossed things off on my post which works for me, but knowing how to do the checkmarks might come in handy at another time.

    I, too, struggle with commenting. I did Sheila's mini-challenge and am hoping to continue with making those more meaningful comments - my goal moving forward is do make at least 5 meaningful comments on 5 different blogs each day. I am also hoping this will increase traffic to my blog. Maybe, maybe not, but it can't hurt.

    I definitely plan on going back to the mini-challenges I didn't get to and trying some of them out. I feel that I can always learn something new!

  12. Bloggiesta's over and I'm still finding more things to do my reading everyone's pages! Saw the sidebar minichallenge and now I think I've got some work to do on my blog!

  13. Great job finishing your list! Thanks for your encouragement during bloggiesta.