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April 26, 2012

Book Review: To Catch a Highlander (MacLean Curse #3) by Karen Hawkins

Author:  Karen Hawkins
Series: MacLean Curse, #3
Release Date: January 1st 2008
Publisher: Pocket
Age: Adult
In this sizzling romantic adventure, a daring Highland lass plays a high-stakes game to keep the home she loves...but ends up losing her heart instead.
When her father gambles away the family estate to darkly dangerous Lord Dougal MacLean, Sophia MacFarlane is determined to use her wiles to regain it. Forced to stake the one thing she has left -- her virtue -- she desperately hopes her skill can limit her losses to a few matter how hotly tempting Dougal turns out to be.

Dougal MacLean knows that Sophia has some trick up her sleeve, but he can't resist the challenge -- or her ravishing beauty. So when she proposes a card game with most unusual stakes, Dougal is delighted to accept. But as the game ends, Dougal and Sophia discover they've wagered something even more precious -- their hearts.
It has been a while since I read a highlander romance, and I'm really happy I read To Catch a Highlander because I practically loved it.

Dougal is the typical alpha male. He won a house from Sophia's father at a gambling game and is decided to claim it. But Sophia and her father are doing everything to make him leave and leave their house alone.

Sophia is a beauty, and her life is basically spending time with her father. She's not happy when learning her father lost not only their house, but also her mother's jewels. But she has a plan, trick Dougal into a gambling game where she can win the house...and maybe a few kisses.

I love these kind of romance where the sexual tension of the protagonists is everything. Dougal and Sophia were attracted since the moment they met and they did anything to spend time alone and do naughty things. I wasn't expecting to find Dougal's sister and her husband in this story, but it was a nice addition.

Overall, To Catch a Highlander is one of my favorites books of the MacLean Curse series. It's the perfect romance to read in just one afternoon, I liked both protagonists and they always managed to trick themselves in naughty situations.


  1. I'm ashamed to say that I've never read a highlander book (beyond Gabaldon's Outlander) and I really think I'd love this genre!!

    Would you say this is a good one to get started with? It sounds like it! *lol*

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    1. Thanks for your comment Jac! I also think you'll like this genre, it's impossible not to fall in love with a highlander hehe.