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May 18, 2012

Book Review: A Ravishing Redhead by Jillian Eaton

 A Ravishing Redhead by Jillian Eaton
Series: Wedded Women Quartet #2
Author: Jillian Eaton
Release Date: April 15th 2012
Age: Adult
On her wedding night Margaret’s husband took something infinitely precious from her before he disappeared to parts unknown… no, not her virginity. Her dowry! Now she is stuck at his rundown estate without a penny to her name and enough time on her hands to think up a thousand different ways to get revenge against the man who duped her and dumped her.

Henry saw only one way out of his family's gambling debts: to marry a wealthy heiress. Now after nearly a year spent abroad recouping his losses and building a new fortune, he can only vaguely recall what his wife looks like. He remembers her as a sweet, shy girl with beautiful auburn hair and lovely blue eyes. Who then is this entrancing red haired hellion that dresses like a man and swears like a sailor?

Greed and secrets tore them apart. Now fate has brought them back together. Can two strangers find love after marriage? Or will their differences prove too difficult to overcome despite their sizzling chemistry?
A Ravishing Redhead is a sweet short romantic story. Margaret's husband was drunk at their wedding and then took off with her whole dowry. That was 8 months ago, and now Margaret is trying to save their house and the staff with the little money she can get selling her dresses.

But then Henry comes back and doesn't find the sweet woman he married, but a woman dressed as a man and working as one too. She's angry and practically wants to kill him, but he wasn't expecting to care so much for her....

This is one of these short stories I wished it would have been longer. I really enjoyed the author's writing, and the characters had personality. But it was too short and lacked more plot, and although it has a HEA ending, I wanted more.

More about this book at www.jillianeaton.webs.comGoodreadsAmazon.

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