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May 11, 2012

Book Review: The Siren's Song (Romancing the Pirate #3) by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Author: Jennifer Bray-Weber
Series: Romancing the Pirate #3
Release Date: May 14th 2012
Publisher: Carina Press
Age: Adult
Gilly is fleeing from the man who murdered her lover. When her boat goes down and she's rescued by a pirate crew, she may have found herself in more trouble than she bargained for. The Captain, Thayer Drake, is fascinated by Gilly and can't help but try to protect her even though he suspects she is keeping too many secrets. When she is kidnapped and given into the custody of Drake's arch nemesis, Drake has to act fast. But can he trust Gilly? Will he be able to save her when the stakes are high?
More pirates!

A few weeks ago I read A Kiss in the Wind by the same author, and really liked it. The Siren's Song is the third book from the same series, but it isn't necessary to read the other books to enjoy this one.

Gilly is running from the man who murdered her lover, and against all odds, she's saved by Captain Thayer Drake. What I liked more about her is that she isn't the perfect female protagonist, she has some serious issues and lots of secrets, and knows nothing about the pirate's life.

Thayer is a pirate who is just living his life, drinking to forget his life story and just hanging there. But he's captivated by Gilly's voice and curious by her secrets, and he can't accept leaving her behind when some strange men are searching for her.

I really enjoyed their love story, because both of them have serious issues and are far from perfect, but they managed to compliment each other and got their HEA ending.

Also, the story never slowed down! Between fights and romance, there were some twists that maintained me entertained and made me enjoy the book even more.

Overall, The Siren's Song is a must read if you're looking for some action, strong but vulnerable characters and sexy pirates!

More about this book at www.jbrayweber.comGoodreads, Amazon.


  1. You had me at sexy pirates! Great review :)

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  3. Ooh pirates, each can be read as a standalone, not stop with fights, romance, and twists..sounds like a great read..awesome review!

  4. Who wouldn't want to be rescued by a smexy pirate??? Will definitely check this series of books out :)

    Thanks for sharing... Book Enslaved