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May 17, 2012

Picture Book Review: And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell

Authors: Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell
Illustrator: Henry Cole
Release Date: April 26th 2005
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Age: Children
In the zoo there are all kinds of animal families. But Tango's family is not like any of the others. This illustrated children's book fictionalizes the true story of two male penguins who became partners and raised a penguin chick in the Central Park Zoo.
And Tango Makes Three is such a cute book!

Roy and Silo are two male penguins, and they do everything together. But when it comes the moment to take care of an egg (like all the other penguin couples), they can't. But by luck, they have the opportunity to take care of an extra egg from another couple, Tango.

If you want to teach your kids about family and love, this is your book. It's very sweet, the illustrations are beautiful and it has a real message. I was very excited to discover this was a true story. It doesn't matter your species or gender, love is real.

Personally, I'll be sharing this story with my niece and my kids (when I have them hehe).

More about this book at Goodreads, The Book Depository, Amazon.


  1. Very cute. My son was a little older when this book came out, but I would've definitely got it for him.