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July 5, 2012

Book Review: A Secret Love by Stephanie Laurens

Author: Stephanie Laurens
Series: Cynster #5
Release Date: July 3rd 2000
Publisher: Avon Books
Age: Adult
All of Regency London knows that no Cynster male would ever walk away from a lady in distress...but their protection can come at a tantalizingly high price. And now, Stephanie Laurens has created her boldest Cynster yet--Gabriel--a man who has known the pleasure of many women, but who has given his heart to no one.

She was desperate for his help...When a mysterious lady, her face hidden by a black veil, begs Gabriel Cynster for his help, he cannot refuse her plea. For despite her disguise, Gabriel finds the woman alluring and he is powerless to deny her. But he exacts payment as only a Cynster would demand: with each piece of information he uncovers, she must pay him--in the form of a kiss.

He was powerlerss to resist...

Lady Alathea Morwellan knows Gabriel is intrigued, but despite the sparks that fly between them, they have never passed a civil moment together. Yet as the stakes get higher, so does Gabriel's desire for payment. And with each overpowering kiss, each passionate embrace, Alathea knows that she will not be able to resist his ultimate seduction...but what will happen when she reveals the truth?
I believe this is my first book from Stephanie Laurens, pero now I know why she's one of the favorite historical romance writers.

Alathea Morwellan has a huge problem. Her family's fortune is on danger. She's the only one who can save her family, like always, but she knows she need help from her friend, Gabriel Cynster.

Gabriel Cynster is, like every Cynster, looking for adventure. When a sexy woman asks for his help, he's is glad to help receiving kisses for payment. He doesn't know who she is, doesn't even think she's the same boring Alathea, but between kisses and an special perfume, he's going to get the surprise of his life.

I liked Alathea and Gabriel together. They were a hot couple, although I wanted them to realize they were made for each other sooner. I liked Gabriel's protectiveness and Alathea's character, but I got tired of the business they were trying to discover together to maintain Alathea's fortune. They concentrated to much on it and I wanted more acting between them, but in the end I liked how their relationship developed.

Although I felt it was a little bit longer than necessary, I enjoyed A Secret Love and Stephanie Laurens is on my good list of historical romance authors. I'm new to the Cynster series, but I'd like to read all the books. What do you think? Have you read the Cynster series?

More about this book at www.stephanielaurens.comGoodreads, Amazon, The Book Depository.


  1. I've yet to pick up one of her books. Thanks for the review, though!

  2. Sometimes part of the fun of reading about romance is them discovering it.
    Thanks for review.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog