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November 23, 2012

Book Review: Snowed Under by Jude Ryan

Title: Snowed Under: A Christmas Short Story
Author: Jude Ryan
Published: November 17th 2011 by Chelsea Square
It's the week before Christmas, and all through the house...
With just seven days until Christmas, Janna Myers needs a snowplough to get through the mountain of work on her desk. Not that she cares, though. This holiday season, like all the ones before it, she plans to spend curled up with her laptop, visions of pound signs dancing through her head. When a blizzard traps Janna in the country with handsome Alistair Randall, CEO of the UK's biggest Christmas tree supplier, Janna must either embrace the holiday spirit or risk losing her PR firm's biggest client. Can Janna muster up some Christmas cheer, or will her bah humbug attitude cost her dearly?
Janna is a London business woman and not Christmas lover, but she has to put on her best face to work with Alistair Randall, CEO of a big Christmas tree supplier company. His company is going down and she's about to loose one of her biggest clients, so it's her job to try and find him a way to keep the company and her services.

Snower Under, as the title says, is a very short story, more about the Christmas spirit and celebrations than a romance between Janna and Alistair. Thanks to a blizzard, they have to spend a few days together at his cabin, and they discover Christmas brings not-so-happy memories to both of them. They are attracted to each other but the story needed more pages to make it a full romance.

It was a very quick read, but it was disappointing not to know more of Alistair and Janna. It was like the story was left at the middle...maybe a little bit more would have been great!

More about this book at Goodreads, Amazon.

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