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September 22, 2014

Book Blitz: Between Now and Goodbye by Hannah Harvey

Between Now and Goodbye by Hannah Harvey
September 22nd 2014
Three friends. One eventful summer.
Libby finally has the settled life she's always wanted, and never before had. She has a happy family, two best friends Julie and Charles, and loves her home.
This summer will be the best of her life. A summer spent learning in a culinary camp in New York, but when something happens at home and she's forced to return, how will her summer turn out?
Charles had big dreams for his future, college, medical school, and spending as much time as possible with his girlfriend Julie. This summer will change all of that. His mom's sick, his dad's gone and he's left trying to hold his family together. On top of that, Julie's pulling away from him. Will he be able to fix things before they fall apart?
Julie is bored. She's bored of her private school. Bored of always doing the same thing. Bored of having plans cancelled by her boyfriend who's always busy. She's bored and she wants a change. When she attempts to liven things up with some of her school friends, she ends up making a mistake. How will that mistake end up shaping her summer?

Follow Libby, Charles and Julie as they fight their way through an emotional summer, as they learn that sometimes theirs no escaping goodbyes, but that they aren't always bad things.


'Morning.' Charles' voice cuts into the silence and makes me jump. I glance to my side and see him lying on his back on the roof of his house. Eyes closed, a relaxed smile on his face.

'Are you trying to give me a heart attack?' I ask him. I move over the small raised line which signifies the change from my roof to his, sit next to him and swat his arm.

'No, I'm trying to keep myself awake long enough to say goodbye.' He replies, eyes still closed.

'How's that going for you?' I laugh.

'I'll let you know when I wake up.' He replies. I swat his arm again.

'How long have you been out here?'

'Uh...' He opens his eyes and looks at the leather strapped watch on his arm. He's the only person our age, I know who wears a watch, most people just check the time on their phones. I like that he has one, somehow it suits him. 'Around an hour.' He says lowering his arm back down.

'Why?' I laugh out loud, 'You could have stayed in bed longer.'

'Julie wasn't sure what time you were leaving this morning.' He replies, 'And she made me promise I'd get you to call her before you leave.'

'I will.' I answer. I'd been planning on calling her anyway, which I'd told her yesterday when I went to her house for lunch. I would have called Charles as well if he hadn't been up here.

'So, are you excited yet?' Charles pulls himself into a sitting position. His legs stretched out in front of him, while I curl mine up to my chest.

'More nervous than excited.' I reply, biting down on my lower lip, 'I don't know if I'll be good enough.' This is one of the thoughts that has been most frequent recently. I can't seem to shake the idea that somehow I won't be able to cook well enough. I need to be good though, because I saved for so long to be able to afford this summer camp.

'I've tasted your food, you'll do fine.' He closes his eyes again. Leaning his weight back on his arms and arching his back.

'You're tired.' I state.


'Yeah, you are.'

'A bit.'

'Go back inside and get some sleep.' I laugh quietly.

'Yeah, ok.' He opens his eyes and smiles at me, dropping his hand onto my knee. 'Have a great time, ok?'

'I'll do my very best.' I give him a quick one armed hug. 'Hug your mom for me, and tell her I'll be thinking of her, and let her know I'll be bringing her something amazing home from New York.'

'I will.' He smiles again, but this time it's not as bright. I nudge his knee with mine.

'I'll see you at the end of August, and I'll give your mom her present then. Tell her that, ok?' I hold his gaze for a moment, 'I will see her when I get back.'
Yeah,' he nods, 'Keep in touch?'

'Of course.' I brush a strand of sandy blonde hair behind my ear. 'I'll miss you.'

'You'll be far too busy to miss me.' He grins.

'You're probably right.' I tease, 'I'll have a new best friend by the end of the first week, you are highly replaceable.'


'Go to bed.'

'Yes Ma'am.' He grins and heads to his window, stopping just before climbing through, 'Hey Libs?'

'Yeah.' I turn to look at him, resting the side of my head on my knees.

'I'll miss you too.' He says, sliding down through his window.

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