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May 23, 2015

Comics Review: The Worrier's Guide to Life by Gemma Correll

The Worrier's Guide to Life by Gemma Correll
If you're floundering in life, striking out in love, struggling to pay the rent, and worried about it all -- you're in luck! World Champion Worrier and Expert Insomniac Gemma Correll is here to assure you that it could be much, much worse.

In her hugely popular comic drawings, Gemma Correll dispenses dubious advice and unreliable information on life as she sees it, including The Dystopian Zodiac, Reward Stickers for Grown-Ups, Palm Reading for Millennials, and a Map of the Introvert's Heart. For all you fellow agonizers, fretters, and nervous wrecks, this book is for you. Read it and weep...with laughter.
Loved these comics!. I could relate to all of them, me being the over thinker I am! (but trying not to be hehe), Seriously, I just laughed at every page and even shared some with my boyfriend, who knows me so well he just laughed with/at me. The illustrations are just funny/sarcastic and cute, and my favorites were the Palm Reading for Millennials, My savings account and the Wheel of Insomnia!

The Worrier's Guide to Life is very fast to read, you could read one page a day or read it all at once like me...but it's sure going to be a fun reading :) Totally recommend it!


  1. Love the sound of this one, as I'm a total worrier! And now I'm wondering why there aren't reward stickers for grown-ups! We now have adult coloring books, so why not stickers? Love it!

    1. Yay, another worrier hehehe. I love the idea of coloring books, I will have to try that one. And I totally support you on the stickers hehe

  2. I read this and loved it! The comics were so funny and relatable!

    1. It was like me sometimes when I just worry too much hehe. Thanks for your comment!