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June 18, 2015

Picture Book Review: The Soul Bird by Michal Snunit

The Soul Bird by Michal Snunit
This enchanting book has a simple message, deep within every person lives a soul bird, a creature who has thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Sometimes we can tell the soul bird what to feel. Sometimes it decides all by itself. With delightful drawings and poetic text, this book teaches us to listen to our soul bird and find out more about our true selves. When we hear the message of the soul bird, we understand why we behave the way we do. And once we understand our behavior, we can begin to live a happier, more fulfilling life. First published in Israel, The Soul Bird was an instant bestseller. Over the years its magic has spread around the globe, appealing to readers of all ages.
I loved The Soul Bird! It's one of my favorite childhood books, and I re-read it a couple of days ago. It's always a heart warming story, about a bird who is your soul, and he can feel what you feel. Sometimes this bird decides by itself, after all, feelings can be very strong, but the most important message it that most of the time you can make the choice for the can decide how you want to feel.

It's an important lesson to everyone, children and adults, so it wasn't a surprise when I found out it was a bestseller. The story is very simple, and I was luck to enjoy the illustrations made for the Spanish edition. Check them out (these photos are from my other blog

The Soul Bird was another gift from my mom (Thank you mom!), and I have appreciated all of these years. Sometimes I like to re-read to remind myself that I can decide to be happy, and this has worked for me to live a happy life no matter how bad my surroundings might be. Definitely recommended!

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