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December 22, 2015

My favorite Christmas Movies

I love Christmas! This year I've been working a lot so I haven't had time to read the holidays romances I like so much, but at least I've been able to repeat my favorite movies :)

Arthur Christmas: If you are looking for a fun and heart warming story, this is it! Arthur is Santa's second son and he loves Christmas. But apparently his family doesn't remember what Christmas is really about...not only gifts.

Love Actually: It just has the perfect amount of romance, comedy, reality and a little bit of that magic we all want in our life.

Frozen: Let it go! Let it go! We don't have snow over here, so it's fun to watch all that snow but also it is a modern fairy tale, and I love those. It's not exactly about Christmas, but it's about family, and after all, Christmas is about family.

There are so many other Christmas movies I like, but those are my favorites and the ones I have to watch this season. Do you have a favorite movie for the holidays? 


  1. Aw, i like your choices. Love Actually is seriously one of my favorite films. I need to make some time for it this year. I've never seen Arthur Christmas but I've wanted too! And Frozen is great - plus, with all that snow it's perfect for Christmas.

    1. Love Actually is the best :) You have yo see Arthur Christmas someday, it's so cute!