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February 21, 2016

Comics Review: The Pulse Vol. 1 - 3

The PulseThe PulseThe Pulse

The Pulse Vol. 1: Thin Air

Former super hero and current private investigator Jessica Jones has just been offered a new job: a position with the Bugle's new super-hero section, The Pulse! Jessica's first assignment: to uncover the true identity of a former Bugle reporter's super-powered murderer! How will Jessica's shocking discovery affect the entire Marvel Universe?

The Pulse Vol. 2: Secret War

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's lives have been destroyed by the events of the Secret War, so what is Jessica going to do about it? Fans of Secret War - feel The Pulse as it pounds out more gritty intrigue even as it welcomes a new artist: award-winning comics superstar Brent Anderson (Rising Stars, Astro City)! Guest-starring: Captain America, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Nick Fury, and more!

The Pulse Vol. 3: Fear

Fans of Jessica Jones have waited two years for two things: the return of award-winning artist Michael Gaydos to the pages of the books he was born to draw, and the birth of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's baby. And guess what? They're both here!
After reading the Alias comics, about Jessica Jones, I wanted to know more of her and her dark personality. The Pulse is only three volumes and it was lighter than Alias. Jessica is now pregnant with Luke Cage's baby and the Daily Press wants to hire doesn't sound the perfect job but they need the money.

It wasn't 'Ohhh so amazing' but I did enjoy it. Jessica shares a lot of her space with other characters as Ben Ulrich, and although those characters were interesting, I wanted more of her. I liked this new side of Jessica, softer and caring about her baby but still being her. At first I wasn't sure about her relationship with Luke, but it's obvious she cares a lot about him after reading Secret War. Also, I loved the story of the first time they met.

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  1. I love the Jessica Joness series but I haven'r read the comics. Actually I don't usually read comics maybe I have to start
    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming

    1. I read her comics because I loved her series!!

  2. I haven't read the Alias books, but that's good there is some other titles with her and showing off a different side. I'm still watching the show (I'm a slow TV watcher sometimes haha) but I do love it.