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September 20, 2016

10 random things I'd like to have in my bookshelf!

First, I'd like a bookshelf as pretty as this....

--And I'd looooove to have this pretty Harry Potter books collection....
And maybe I'll add this cool mug to my colecction...

Also, I love cactus...

A pretty book end...

This sign, because it's a big effort to teach my beagle not to chew my books!

And a new book light because I lost mine...

This BB8 piggy bank to protect my savings!

An inpirational quote for 'inspiration'...

And obviusly some new and pretty bookmarks!

I think I might need to add another bookshelf to actually storage books hehe. Do you also have random things in your bookshelf?


  1. My bookshelf has a customized beer can from my office's summer picnic, a brick from my alma mater high school from when they tore it down, and a greeting card with a kitten on it that for some reason scares my cat. Those things aren't very impressive.My bookshelf needs work.

  2. What a fun post. My bookshelf currently has a wooden cat from my trip to Dominican, a mini Eiffel Tower, a collection of letter C and a hand drawn bookcase that my BFF drew for me. :)

    This reminds me I need to do an update on my blog about my bookshelf.

    1. Your bookshelf sounds fun! Mine is mostly books and mugs, maybe I'll post some pictures later!

  3. I really want the newish Harry Potter paperbacks, where it's a picture of Hogwarts on the back if you line them up? I NEED THEM! haha I just need all the HP things really. I mostly have books on my book shelves, but I am hoping to do some moving around and make one shelf of my bookcase be all things HP.

    1. Ohhh that set is amazing!! I need to win lottery and buy more HP stuff too hehe