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November 29, 2012

The BLI Holiday Reading Challenge 2012

The BLI Holiday Reading Challenge
I don´t know how I missed this challenge! Between work and the house, I am exhausted. But my guilty pleasure is reading Christmas books. I love them, I even made a list of the Christmas books I wanted to read this year (now I have more).

Anyway, I'm going for the Candy Cane-aholic level: read 7 or more holiday themed books.

If you want to know the rules and sign up, please visit Book Lovers Inc.

Books Read (coming soon!):
  1. Mistletoe Mischief by Stacey Joy Netzel
  2. White Christmas by Emma Lee-Potter
  3. Christmas Without Holly by Nicola Yeager


  1. Hey Gaby, welcome to the challenge! Good luck and enjoy those holiday reads! I'm proud you started out ambitious, way to go, woohoo! :-)

  2. I could never hope to read that many Holiday reads at this point. And since I'm dragging my feet joining challenges for NEXT year that I know I want to do, I'm majorly impressed. =)