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December 15, 2013

Book Review: Home for Christmas by Patricia Kay

Author: Patricia Kay
Published December 12th 2012 by Patricia Kay
Age: Adult
Quinn Riordan hasn't been home for Christmas in more than ten years -- ten long years since she's seen her family and Chagrin Falls, the town where she grew up. It's been that long since the sister she once adored had stolen the man Quinn loved. But when Quinn's beloved Aunt Fiona has a bad fall and breaks her leg, Quinn can't stay away any longer. In order to help her aunt, she has to go home and face her past. But along with her past, the trip home brings her an even more difficult challenge in the form of her aunt's boarder, Peter Kimball.

Peter has been curious about Fiona's niece ever since he first saw her framed photo in Fiona's living room. He hasn't been able to understand how someone Fiona speaks of so glowingly could so selfishly stay away for so long. He's prepared to dislike Quinn and is stunned to very quickly realize he doesn't. On the contrary, he's attracted to Quinn and wants nothing more than to get to know her better. But Quinn isn't the only one who has been running from her past. Peter has avoided confronting his demons by staying away from the place where he lost everything he held most dear.

Can these two troubled people overcome the problems that have haunted them for so long? Will they be brave enough to forget and forgive and move forward into a future that promises to be filled with more happiness and love than they ever imagined? In the capable hands of best-selling author Patricia Kay, this heartwarming story will be the perfect accompaniment to your own holiday season.
Quinn is returning home after being more than ten years away. She isn't prepared to confront her sister, but her aunt broke her leg and she is going to take care of her. I'd say by the cover that it's a cute and a fun book, but it's actually very charged with family issues. Quinn can't forgive her sister, her sister isn't nice to be around, and Peter is always judging her. Peter also have a dark and sad past, so they had to forgive and move on before loving each other. There was a moment it turned too slow for me, and then I felt the ending was a bit rushed but at last they got their happily ever after. If you are looking for a serious holiday romance, Home for Christmas is for you.

More about this book at Goodreads, Amazon.


  1. Oh too bad it wasn't what you expected it to be... I wanted to read this book too, but now I'm not so sure anymore :p. I reviewed some Christmas themed stories too on my blog. Maybe you'll find something you'll like over there ;)